In early 2015, an accountant - who saw the world differently - left his 9 to 5 job. Being a reformer by passion, he dreamed of an organization where stopping for a moment and thinking about stuff is preferred over mechanical rituals. Experienced in audit, accounting and financial consulting, he envisioned a consultancy that cannot only calculate numbers but can also derive out meaning from them.


That was when Accountron was conceived. Over the following years, our founder - Areeb Shujaat - built a team of like-minded, finance professionals and a clientele that understands what different we do. Today, we are a perfection-loving team of bookkeepers, accountants, auditors, tax consultants, and financial analysts who understand the challenges of entrepreneurs and start-ups.


How are we different? We keep asking ourselves "what value we are adding?" Its extremely important for us to first get satisfied with our own work. We derive happiness from the perfection of our performance. Self audit and assessment is something thoroughly embedded into Accountron.


How do we do it? We gain a client's perception on work to closely understand their requirements. Then, we think about the final deliverable and plan work. Finally, our perfectionist professionals come into action to solve your problem. Later, the deliverable goes through a quality control review before it is handed over to the client. Amazingly, our CEO stays involved with every client, at some stage, irrespective of its size.


Who we work with? We love entrepreneurs who are perfectionist, creative and who worship quality. Our clients majorly come from the IT, legal, ecommerce, restaurant, realty, NGO and manufacturing sectors.


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